About Gabriela Barnuevo Multimedia Journalist

(1986, Bilbao, Spain)

B.F.A.in Photography with a minor in Art History at Pratt Institute. 

During college she started freelancing for the New York Daily News. After having lived for so long in the states she decided to go back to her roots and moved to Bilbao, Spain, where she freelanced for regional paper of the Basque Country, El Correo. After two years of being inmeresed in her beloved Basque Country she moved to West Africa, to keep growing as a photographer and a person. Africa is a continent she had previosly traveled through but that had never left her, she wanted to go back and get to know ii in a different light. At first she was based in Dakar, Senegal, before heading to Accra, Ghana, where she is currently based.

Work has appeared in the Financial Times, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, New York Daily News, El Correo, ABC, the New York Observer, Vogue (Spanish ed.), Glamour (German ed.). Regular contributer for Associated Press.



Currently availabe for assingment. 


Spain | +34 662 04 55 95

Ghana |+233 (0) 276 44 62 66  

Senegal | +221 77 195 88 30